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Legend has still more to say concerning this rod.

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God created it in the twilight of the sixth day of Creation Ab. Weiss, iv. After it had passed through the hands of Shem, Enoch, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob successively, it came into the possession of Joseph. On Joseph's death the Egyptian nobles stole some of his belongings, and, among them, Jethro appropriated the staff. Jethro planted the staff in his garden, when its marvelous virtue was revealed by the fact that nobody could withdraw it from the ground; even to touch it was fraught with danger to life.


This was because the Ineffable Name of God was engraved upon it. When Moses entered Jethro's household he read the Name, and by means of it was able to draw up the rod, for which service Zipporah, Jethro's daughter, was given to him in marriage. It must, however, be remarked that the Mishnah Ab. Friedmann, p.

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This supposed fact of the supernatural origin of the rod explains the statement in the New Testament Heb. King Josiah, who foresaw the impending national catastrophe, concealed the Ark and its contents Tosef. A later Midrash Num. There exists a legend that Moses split a tree trunk into twelve portions, and gave one portion to each tribe.

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When the Rod of Aaron produced blossoms, the Israelites could not but acknowledge the significance of the token. The account of the blossoming of Aaron's Rod contained in Clement's first letter to the Corinthians ep. According to that account, Moses placed upon each of the twelve staffs the corresponding seal of the head of a tribe.

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The doors ofthe sanctuary were similarly sealed, to prevent any one from having access to the rods at night. According to it the staff is a fragment of the Tree of Knowledge, and was successively in the possession of Shem, of the three Patriarchs, and of Judah, just as in the Jewish legend.

‘Contents in the Ark’

From Judah it descended to Pharez, ancestor of David and of the Messiah. After Pharez's death an angel carried it to the mountains of Moab and buried it there, where the pious Jethro found it. When Moses, at Jethro's request, went in search of it, the rod was brought to him by an angel.

With this staff Aaron and Moses performed all the miracles related in Scripture, noteworthy among which was the swallowing up of the wonder-working rods of the Egyptian Posdi. Joshua received it from Moses and made use of it in his wars Josh. There it remained hidden until the birth of Jesus, when the place of its concealment was revealed to Joseph, who took it with him on the journey to Egypt.

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Aaron's rod

Missoula: Scholars Press, Seitz, Christopher. Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, Bibliography " Aaron's Rod. Victorian Web.

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