At Carter Stanleys Grave: Musings on Country Music and Musicians

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Active since the s, his career only really took off in the s and since that time he has been much in demand. Three Grammy awards have followed, including for this release for "contemporary blues album". Orbit is best known as a producer, but "is also a composer and multi-instrumentalist who has specialised in keyboard electronica and much of his work also features accomplished guitar playing. He has also recorded several largely instrumental solo albums under the name Strange Cargo which features vocals by Beth Orton This album was released to great acclaim in but the band became largely inactive shortly thereafter; in , however, they reunited and planned new releases and tours for They were originally formed in Ireland in , but then relocated to London.

CD Keith Jarrett: Radiance. Two more CDs full of splendid solo piano from jazzman Keith Jarrett, this time from concerts recorded in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan, in A recording by the monotonic poet laureate of popular music. Cohen was inducted into the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with a speech by Lou Reed on March 10, for his status among the 'highest and most influential echelon of songwriters'" [from wikipedia. Texas native McClinton has fashioned a successful career as a singer-songwriter since the s, first mostly as a sideman and then out front.

McClinton is the consummate cross-over act, deftly exploring the links among country, blues, and rock styles, as in this peppy release. The prolific they put out just about one album a year from to , and as many ep's Guided by Voices formed in the early 80s in Dayton, Ohio. Their work "shows influence from post-British Invasion garage rock, psychedelic rock, progressive rock, punk rock and post-punk" [from wikipedia.

CD Harry Connick Jr. Harry Connick Jr. Connick sings and plays piano, and is here backed not only by a "big band," but a full orchestra as well. This release was one of the first stops on the way to sustained success. This release combines the talents of one of the best finger-style guitarists in the business Simpson with one of the best vocal stylists in folk Tabor. Mostly traditional material delivered with style and grace. Songwriter-vocalist Jones scored instant success in the late 70s and for a few years thereafter, then largely sank out of sight, though continuing to release material from time to time.

Recently, her career has been on the ascendant again. CD Ramones: Road to Ruin. I guess whoever it was who named this album back in knew what he was talking about--three decades later, and three of the four Ramones are now dead and the fourth has "retired" to performing traditional Appalachian music.

Kentucky native Richard Hell born Richard Meyers left school in the 60s to try his hand at poetry in New York; before long he was also performing music and teamed up with Tom Verlaine to form the band Television. This album and its famous title song now often recognized as a "top ten" work of the punk style came a few years later.

Since that time he has pursued a successful career in a number of artistic genres, including poetry, film acting, fiction, and music. The music on this two-CD set is a bit hard to pigeonhole, but it did score a big success in on the "New Music" programs, where it ranked among the year's favorites. It combines ambient, house, and dubbing style electronica under an orchestral sweep, often or usually with a distinctly South Asian music nod.

Actually, quite a bit of it sounds like but isn't film music--to something swelling with exotic, languorous, themes. Nobody sounds even remotely like Laurie Anderson, though, so she's got plenty of room to keep on keepin on. This famous album with ten bonus tracks added!

A bit rough at the edges, maybe, but surely with as much energy as anyone at that time had. Orton's musical form has sometimes been termed "folktronica" because of her projects with William Orbit; to my ears however her material sounds more like typical contemporary folk, with perhaps a bit more beat. Orton is known for her support of a number of political and ethical causes. Still little known here, Graham is one of the great influences on twentieth century guitar styles, having integrated jazz, blues, classical, and international sources to produce a sound that ignited the British contemporary folk movement in the 60s.

This release samples a bit from all, and is further augmented by eight bonus tracks that were recorded years later. Part traditional material, part original material, and entirely class material. Van Der Graaf Generator was a moderately successful "progressively alternative" rock band from the late 60s and 70s.

Some of the music on this, their best known album, is really extraordinarily dramatic, even if it represents a kind of art music that now really does sound like it comes from the 60s or 70s Trancemaster BT is one of the current day's top electronic music artists, known especially for his development of trance music, and the stutter edit technique.

Music Legend Ralph Stanley Has Been Laid to Rest in His Hometown

This highly successful two-CD album "features a mix of many genres, including jazz, breakbeats, and classical music. Three songs feature a full piece orchestra. BT has said that the album has a lullaby-like quality, inspired by his daughter, Kaia, who sat on his lap throughout most of the song writing process" [from wikipedia.

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As is often the case with John Zorn projects, this program often slips right into and past the totally arcane. Nominally it is jazz, but a kind of jazz that takes improvisation almost right out of the realms of music. Canned Heat, though best known for a few fairly light singles, was at heart a potent blues band, so this collaboration with one of the most respected bluesmen of his time was a natural.

Recorded in , the year Hurt died, these were indeed the "last sessions.

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His popularity since, especially as an influential guitar stylist, has never flagged. Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hancock has worked both as a solo artist and with others since the 70s, usually in a country style strongly tinged with folk and rock accents. This release showcases his writing talents, but he also plays practically all the instruments appearing on it, besides handling the vocals. Guitar whiz John McLaughlin here, in one of his best releases. McLaughlin was one of the leaders of the jazz fusion movement, and this release shows why.

McTell is little known in this country, but in Britain he is something of an institution, and this album shows why--it includes some of the best song-for-song song writing in the contemporary folk genre, along with excellent performances from McTell on guitar, and an impressive array of sidemen.

A two-fer CD combining two well-known late 60s, post-Yardbirds, albums by one of best electric guitarists in the business. Most of the music is straight-ahead rock, with blues accents. Joni Mitchell-influenced singer-songwriter and multi-Grammy award winner Shawn Colvin first worked professionally in the late 70s, and in the 80s developed a commercially-oriented contemporary folk style that linked her with Suzanne Vega and Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Fat City , nominated for two Grammys, is from , before her career really took off a few years later. This CD, released in , features lush electronica with occasional vocals, and made a considerable success in the electronica and New Age markets.

Outsider music icon Daniel Johnston dies at 58

The great "Brazilian singer and guitarist [who is] credited with having created the bossa nova beat and is known as the 'Father of Bossa Nova. CD Toni Braxton: Ultimate. Included is her superhit 'Un-Break My Heart. This release was her first chart success, and included her impeccable reading of 'From a Distance,' the Julie Gold song later made a major hit by Bette Midler.

Steel Pulse is a British roots reggae band hailing from Birmingham, where they formed in the s. Led by David Hinds vocals and guitar , who writes most of their material, they have put out a dozen albums since including a Grammy winner in Their message is a political one, but it is of a hopeful type incorporating optimistic ideals.

CD Easy Rider: Soundtrack.

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Music from, and inspired by, the iconic "hippie motorcycle" film starring Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson, and Dennis Hopper. Three top names from the world of ECM jazz team up for a set of elegant but not emotionally lacking! Spirit was a Los Angeles band that flourished in the emerging psychedelic rock era of the late 60s and early 70s. This, their fifth album, is regarded as one of the finest of the period's art-rock efforts, "with a tapestry of literary themes about the fragility of life and the complexity of the human experience Apart from its literary aspirations it also featured novel production techniques and clever integration of the Moog synthesizer.

In , he became the only living contemporary Gospel artist--and just the third in history--to have a star enshrined on the Hollywood Walk of Fame" [from wikipedia. Recorded live at the Lyceum, London, on 19 July , just as Marley was beginning to attain major international stardom. Poor Nick Drake: Never known during his own short life, and now among the most celebrated of folkies out there. It just goes to show that real talent cannot be kept down forever.

CD Scott Walker: Scott 2.

Marty's Musings - Marty Lacker talks about Elvis news - an EIN exclusive

Little known over here, except possibly for his work with the Walker Brothers 'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine' , expatriate Scott Walker found major success in Britain and Europe in the mid and late s both with his group, and as a solo artist. Walker had one of the best voices of the period, powerful yet mellow, sounding a bit like a combination of Jack Jones and Andy Williams--but he frequently tackled more challenging material, such as works by Jacques Brel. Although the arrangements here sound a bit dated now, this was a Number One album in Britain in Ah yes, the conservatively dressed, smoothly harmonizing, ever respectable and respecting Vogues: Where would we The Pogues , you say Oh dear Well, just take everything I just said and think of the exact opposite Yes, that will do nicely Following the critically acclaimed Let It Be , the band signed to Sire Records, becoming one of the first American underground rock bands to sign to a major record label" [from wikipedia.

The Psychedelic Furs formed in the late 70s and were one of the first important punk acts in Britain.

English singer-songwriter and guitarist Weller began his career in the mids and by the end of the decade was experiencing major success with The Jam. In the 80s he led another successful and influential group, Style Council, before starting a successful solo career. Wild Wood , his second solo work, reached 2 on the British charts, and in the years since he has piled up a long string of hit albums and singles. He has also been influential in the world of style, in the s being the main figure in the Mod Revival.

Director Stanley Kubrick had originally hired renowned film composer Alex North to do the music for this seminal movie, but in the end decided to use pre-existing classical works: by Richard Strauss, Gyorgy Ligeti, Aram Khachaturian, and Johann Strauss. It was a decision that greatly enhanced the effect of the film.

CD Crowded House: Woodface. New Zealander Neil Finn earlier a member of the superb N. Finn is a leading force in New Zealand music, having even been made OBE by the Queen in for his efforts probably not incidentally, Crowded House was reputedly Princess Di's favorite band This release is finely crafted rock-folk-pop in the best Beatles tradition, filled with memorable hooks but underlain with a depth that is only noticeable after repeated listenings.

King Sunny Ade's infectious Nigerian juju music neatly fills the gap between jazz and Afro-pop. This Island Records release is one of his best, and features a cameo on harmonica by Stevie Wonder. Ade has been a very influential figure, both in terms of his music, and the recognition that he received that opened the way for later African musicians like Youssou N'Dour, Baaba Maal, and Salif Keita.

The album was positively received by many critics and received the most Grammy nods of the band's career" [from wikipedia. In the s the Albion Dance Band was an ever-changing conglomerate of British folk musicians whose mission was related to the revival of traditional forms, though often updated with contemporary including electric instrumentation. This is their most successful release, which although missing the Top 10 went Gold. In this solo CD she explores her renewed faith in Christianity--while managing to not turn the set into "Christian music" per se.

The first album with three bonus tracks , circa , by the then nineteen-year-old Baez. Consisting of traditional material like 'Silver Dagger,' 'House of the Rising Sun,' 'Girl of Constant Sorrow,' and 'Henry Martin,' the recording features nothing more than Joan's voice and guitar, but this is quite enough to hold one's attention--no wonder she was such an instant success Perennially a critic's favorite and listed as number twenty on Rolling Stone's list of all-time greatest guitarists , this release represents typical fare. Sidemen include Dave Mattacks on drums and Danny Thompson on bass.

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  • A Tainted Beauty (Mills & Boon Modern).
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One of the early sensational jazz-rock fusion albums by this group, led by guitarist John McLaughlin.

At Carter Stanleys Grave: Musings on Country Music and Musicians At Carter Stanleys Grave: Musings on Country Music and Musicians
At Carter Stanleys Grave: Musings on Country Music and Musicians At Carter Stanleys Grave: Musings on Country Music and Musicians
At Carter Stanleys Grave: Musings on Country Music and Musicians At Carter Stanleys Grave: Musings on Country Music and Musicians
At Carter Stanleys Grave: Musings on Country Music and Musicians At Carter Stanleys Grave: Musings on Country Music and Musicians
At Carter Stanleys Grave: Musings on Country Music and Musicians At Carter Stanleys Grave: Musings on Country Music and Musicians
At Carter Stanleys Grave: Musings on Country Music and Musicians At Carter Stanleys Grave: Musings on Country Music and Musicians
At Carter Stanleys Grave: Musings on Country Music and Musicians At Carter Stanleys Grave: Musings on Country Music and Musicians

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