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The Great Depression would end St. Johns' dream of boomtown fame, but D'Amour sets her play just before the bust, at the opening of a magnificent bridge in A young girl discovers a group of vaudeville street performers whose seemingly harmless antics are intertwined with city politics and the fate of thousands. Yes, it sounds as much like a David Copperfield show as theatre, and if you know that's a compliment, you're in the club. Vicky Boone, artistic director for Frontera Hyde Park Theatre, who has worked on several shows with D'Amour, describes the playwright's style as "relaxed but risky Lisa isn't afraid to get an enormous crush on something, some subject or idea.

She manages a kind of total absorption into what she's doing. These people want to make "unique theatrical works and put them in untraditional venues," and believe that "theatre can be cheap and brilliant, all at once. The man with the O has now been seen at the Annex in Seattle and may soon show up at a bar in New Orleans, or perhaps at Austin's First Tuesday Downtown celebrations when they pick up in the spring.

Imran Khan is only a player in the circus run by Pakistan’s military

She'll also find time to worry about what she isn't doing. She sighs, says she drew a blank, and wonders if her "childlike lens" on the world is really meant for children. Whatever the lens shows, it will, D'Amour figures, show up as a play. But oh, the idea of trying to write a poem with a capital P is just daunting.

I haven't even tried it; it'd probably be all dialog. She offers very little about her upper middle-class upbringing outside New Orleans, but she describes with relish a happening at the turn-of-the-century house her family owns in Covington, Louisiana.

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The house was built by a former governor in , but its oak floors and bay windows have most recently served as the scene for an artists' retreat. For three days, the Boguefalaya River played host to theatre people talking about the possibilities for doing small-budget, large-minded shows in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region. The weekend climaxed with an event rarely seen on the muddy banks of Louisiana bayous: a Sunday morning yoga session on the lawn, with a group member "hovering around whispering strange nothings in our ears.

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  6. Midnight came and went with the appropriate toasts and hugs, but about 10 minutes after 12 the electricity went out on the entire block. After a stunned recoil and mass shuffling in the dark, Galactic's brass section and drummer started playing again. Before long, a trumpet cried out from the rear of the crowd. It was a member of Cool Bone, who led his cohorts to join Galactic into several hours of acoustic jamming in the dark.

    Lighters and candles provided sporadic mood lighting, and the place erupted into a bacchanal. People ended up in various stages of undress. Strangers shared drinks, sprayed champagne onto one another, and invented dances that incorporated fanning actions and blowing air at each other to make up for the defunct air conditioning system.

    There's a kind of transport that can engulf you, something that I don't often get in the theatre But that's it. That's the thing. Brett Holloway-Reeves is a freelance writer living in Austin. Got opinions about theatre, art, dance, and everything else good in Austin? Let your voice be heard in our annual Best of Austin ballot.

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    Time to Vote! Any ideas? Typically the larger of the two will be the female. I have a pair of Ocellaris clowns that exhibit a similar behavior and I believe they are mating. They are never aggressive toward each other, no harmful behavior, just showing off. I hope that's the case with your clowns. Good luck!

    Mandarin Fish Courtship & Mating - Evie

    Sounds like love! A video of the them would help to verify this. Thank you for your help, everyone. The behavior continues. No one is being hurt so I will just keep an eye on them. I have never tried to photograph or tape the tank or inhabitants but I will learn if things worsen or other behavior arises. Thanks again. David Shaw Well-Known Member. I have a female and a few months ago introduced a juvenile.

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    She immediately went for him but after an hour or so left him alone. Every so often if he got too close then she would lunge and chase him around. He would then do his submissive shaky shaky dance and she would leave him alone. How he has gotten bigger and turned from yellow to orange.

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    Courting Clown, clowns have feelings too! | Cartoon Art | Sketches, Drawings, Art

    The other day she went for him and he went for her back. She was immediately doing the shaky shaky dance then herself. They both get on fine and their little spats and chases are just affection as they are becoming a pair. She is now hosting any coral that moves and moves! Mad but true. David Shaw , Mar 1,

    Courting the Clown Courting the Clown
    Courting the Clown Courting the Clown
    Courting the Clown Courting the Clown
    Courting the Clown Courting the Clown
    Courting the Clown Courting the Clown
    Courting the Clown Courting the Clown
    Courting the Clown Courting the Clown
    Courting the Clown Courting the Clown
    Courting the Clown Courting the Clown

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