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Jack Brown Genius is the story of an obsessive flight of fancy. The spirit of a thousand year old Monk Stuart Devenie inhabits the mind of a contemporary New Zealand inventor Tim Balme , who is inspired to turn the idea of human-powered flight into reality. Along the way he creates havoc for his pal Dennis Marton Csokas , steals his girlfriend Nicola Murphy , incinerates the factory of his Boss, and incurs the wrath of the Boss's financial backer Sylvia Lisa Chappell.

Richard Taylor — later head of Weta Workshop — crafts a sea creature for another project; George Port guides viewers through the basics of digital effects. At this point Port was Weta's only digital effects expert. A young man suffering from mounting sexual frustration Skitz regular Michael Sengelow wakes up one day to find incredibly strange things happening between his legs. A comic fable about personal gardening, male organs, and finding the perfect partner, Prickle marked the directorial debut of one-time actor Murray Keane.

Keane would showcase his talent for comedy again, when he directed episodes of Outrageous Fortune and Diplomatic Immunity. The movie that won splatter king Peter Jackson mainstream respectability was born from writer Fran Walsh's long interest in the Parker-Hulme case: two s teens who invented imaginary worlds, wrote under imaginary personas, and murdered Pauline Parker's mother. Jackson and Walsh's vision of friendship, creativity and tragedy was greeted with Oscar nominations, deals with indie company Miramax, and rhapsodic acclaim for the film, and newbie actors Melanie Lynskey and Kate Winslet.

Time magazine and 30 other publications named it one of the year's 10 best films.

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It remains NZ's most watched local release in terms of bums on seats. After his mother gets infected by a bite from a deadly Sumatran rat monkey, Lionel Almighty Johnson Tim Balme, in an award-winning performance has to contend with a plague of the living dead while attempting to woo the love of his life. Armed with a decent budget, he takes a Flymo to fusty s New Zealand and takes cinematic gore to a whole new extreme in the process.

Valley of the Stereos is a comic face-off that starts tinny, but gleefully escalates to bass heavy, as a not-so-zen hippy Danny Mulheron gets caught up in a vale-blasting battle with the noisy bogan next door Murray Keane. Made by many key Peter Jackson collaborators, the near-wordless pump up the volume tale was directed by George Port, shortly before he became founding member of Jackson's famed effects-house Weta Digital. Ironically Weta's computer-generated miracles would help render the stop motion imagery seen in the finale largely a thing of the past.

The irreverent, outlandish, part-musical satire is populated almost entirely by puppets, but it is by no means cute. They include Bletch the two-timing pornographer walrus, an obese hippo femme fatale, a drug-dealing rat, and a heroin-addicted frog — in other words, something to offend everyone.

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An old Wellington railway shed fizzes with energy and imagination as a team peppered with future Oscar-winners crafts the gleefully subversive Muppets parody. Jackson muses on his influences, processes and propensity for "savage humour" in a fascinating interview. Included is footage of his childhood films — war movies and stop motion animation made with his first 8mm camera.

Latex puppets caricature topical personalities, mostly drawn from the world of politics Ruth Richardson, Helen Clark, Winston Peters etc. The wickedly grotesque puppets were based on drawings by cartoonist Trace Hodgson, and built by a team headed by future Weta FX maestro, Richard Taylor. Highlights from the first episode include a boxing match between former finance minister Ruth Richardson and Winston Peters; Helen Clark's attempts to convince a bunch of labour party ministers to enforce a ban on pornography; and cricketer Richard Hadlee's failure to promote a life insurance company while being interviewed by Keith Quinn.

Classic and curious collections curated by NZ On Screen and special guests. Thirty years ago, this locally made show featured one of our modern day favourite sports broadcasters. Any idea who? Cleverman - - Television. The Adventures of Tintin , Design - Film. District 9 , Special Effects, Design - Film. The Lovely Bones , Design - Film. Perfect Strangers , Special Effects - Film. Forgotten Silver , Props and Sets - Television. Prickle , Special Effects - Short Film. He wrote some pretty neat scenes, but we're going to redo them.

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Years later, Carpenter would describe Kneale as "irascible" and "mean," which is probably why he wasn't in any hurry to work with him again, despite his clear admiration for the writer's work. They weren't an obvious choice to pen a tragi-horror monster movie, but then again, Carpenter clearly had plans to insert a bit of wry commentary into his remake. One of these was to insert a subplot about creationists and their attempts to square scientific facts from the fossil record with biblical teachings.

It would be interesting to combine that with creationist scientists, who are trying to prove that man walked with dinosaurs 10, years ago. They try to prove the literal, Biblical origin of life - in total contradiction of scientific fact. Not that Carpenter had forgotten the all-important horror elements in the story, either. In fact, he wanted to go for a quite dark-sounding edge to the Creature - even drawing on ideas from the macabre writer H. Supposedly, there are hidden pyramids in the Amazon, so I want to try to get that in there.

Pyramids in the Amazon? Clearly, this wasn't going to be a cheap production. But it would have been a good-looking one - not least because Carpenter had hired special effects genius Rick Baker to design the new creature suit. Carpenter wanted to retain the classic look of the Gill-man, but with a less obvious, rubbery look.

However, I think he could look less rubbery. His claws don't have to bounce the way they did [in the original film]. But essentially, he's not really broken, so why fix him? Baker was also to be involved with the earlier attempts to remake Creature a decade earlier, from Landis onwards.

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I think we had a creature that was updated, but you could still tell where it came from. Sadly, the pairing of Carpenter and Baker never made it to the screen. The commercial failure of Memoirs Of An Invisible Man may have played a part; whatever happened behind the scenes, the Creature project seemed to be in trouble by January Even more disappointingly, one news story from this period suggests that the movie came tantalizingly close to going ahead:. As we now know, Universal failed to give the all-important green light.

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With Carpenter's departure, numerous other directors have involved themselves in Universal's occasional attempts to revive the Creature From The Black Lagoon. Hanan al-Shaykh. The Cry of the Dove. Fadia Faqir. Not Safe.

Danuta Reah. The Honourable Army Doc. Emily Forbes. Vulture's Kiss. Norm and Ahmed. Lost and Confused. Zane Dickens. Means of Support. Ann Somerville. To Save a Jew, Part 2. Felicia Mires. Dani-Lyn Alexander. Snow White Turtle Doves. Juliet Bressan. The Sheikh's Pregnant Bride. Kimaya Mathew.

Creatures of the Chase - Richard Creatures of the Chase - Richard
Creatures of the Chase - Richard Creatures of the Chase - Richard
Creatures of the Chase - Richard Creatures of the Chase - Richard
Creatures of the Chase - Richard Creatures of the Chase - Richard
Creatures of the Chase - Richard Creatures of the Chase - Richard
Creatures of the Chase - Richard Creatures of the Chase - Richard
Creatures of the Chase - Richard Creatures of the Chase - Richard

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