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One key challenge for the gifted education community is that the CCSS are indeed being used in some places to justify reducing or even scrapping gifted education services on the grounds that the new universal standards are more challenging than what came before them. No doubt the level of rigor will rise in many states for standards, curriculum, and tests alike. Since the standards represent grade-level learning, curricula and assessments based on them will, by definition, not challenge students who are already surpassing these expectations.


It stands to reason, as Plucker makes clear, that schools must still go the extra mile if they are properly to serve those children, some of whom may already be quite a considerable distance down the road to career and college readiness. State and local officials should get rid of policies that hurt gifted students and strengthen practices that help them. Many districts and schools have formal or informal policies that limit the learning of advanced pupils. For instance, some states cap how far students can progress within the curriculum in one school year or base kindergarten entrance on age rather than readiness.

Some districts have added prohibitions on within-class ability grouping. Many discourage grade-skipping and other forms of acceleration.

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On the other hand, the CCSS can facilitate policies that are good for gifted learners , such as academic acceleration , which depends on clear expectations of what students should know and be able to do at specific grade levels. If a ten-year-old has already mastered the expectations of fourth grade, why not move her into fifth or sixth, whether completely or just in selected subjects?

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The few hours at most of annual professional development spent on training teachers to educate gifted students are clearly not sufficient; we need more time and higher-quality training devoted to curricular and instructional differentiation by ability level.

Initial teacher preparation programs need to take this challenge seriously in ways that most today do not. Once on the job, teachers also need ample opportunities to plan together to meet the educational needs of their high-ability learners.

Schools should make use of existing high-quality materials that help teachers adapt the Common Core for gifted students. Learn more.

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Home Our District " District News. Mission Statement The MUSD gifted and talented program, in collaboration with district professionals, parents and community leaders, will maximize and nurture the interdisciplinary potential of all gifted and talented students in the areas of intellectual development, creative endeavors, social emotional needs, leadership ability and fine arts through differentiated instructional opportunities.

click here The Marana Unified School District services approximately 1, K gifted and talented students and requires the following: gifted instruction to comply with Arizona College and Career Ready Standards and support classroom content acquisition. K teachers to differentiate for gifted learners by making modifications to products, processes, content and the classroom environment.

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