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But if you are a critical thinker, be prepared to put this book down often to think! This book had me thinking at every section. So while I am a speed reader, I wound up reading this book at a snail's pace. I wish I had read this book a long time ago. We tend to live our lives in fear resulting in a life drama that is nothing more than reflection of our own mind, our own world view.

If you have been around as long as I have, you will recognize every lesson in this book. If you are young and see the world as a fearful place under the control of undesirable personalities, read this book and realize that there is an option to fear that leads to peace and happiness. Marie can be your light and your guide. Don't let fear drive your life. Live loved instead. By Donald Asdell on May 6, So well written that reading is like a conversation with a very accepting, wise Aunt who gently helps the reader to look inward to resolve issues that have been shoved back into the darkest corners of the soul.

For the reader who is struggling with self doubt, who is questioning the traditional values that were force fed she opens the heart to new possibilities that don't dispute the validity of the faith stories we have grown up with but rather expand the horizon.

Her philosophy leads to an inclusive world view that will help open the heart and mind toward resolution of inner turmoil. For those who have already found the path that works for them is it not only validating it can be a tool to help others in their lives.

I recommend it for the individual struggling, professionals who are working in the helping field as well as self actualized lay person who want to support friends and family on the path to peace. I think my friend John Lennon would say Marie hit the nail on the head. You can read front to back or start on any page. It is well written, thoughtful and engaging- packed with practical tools that creates and supports lasting change from fear and suffering to inner peace.

I purchased this book at one of Marie's workshops. Quick and easy transaction and delivery.

Thank you. Lorraine Forlong. Becca Froese. My favorite case.

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Living Loved Living Free

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Shelley G. Great Hoodie! Looking Good. I just love the message I can share wearing My Living Love hat! Sharing truth and style at the same time! Madeleine G. Let's Keep In Touch Search. I know that God does not have a process for this kind of freedom that fits everyone, [ I think it is important for all sides to see how this is not some victimless pursuit and how couples can work [ In response to my recent article in BodyLife on Sexual Struggles on the Relational Journey, I received some wonderful emails from people in the midst of this struggle and from those who are deeply saddened by how our culture [ Can someone try too hard to walk with God?

I know that sounds odd, but relationship with the Living God cannot be earned by human effort, even extensive human effort. And sometimes those trying the hardest to make [ By putting it in the first person I am not [ Lost Your Password? No products in the cart.

Living Loved Living Free Living Loved Living Free
Living Loved Living Free Living Loved Living Free
Living Loved Living Free Living Loved Living Free
Living Loved Living Free Living Loved Living Free
Living Loved Living Free Living Loved Living Free

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