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With advice from Fusco, she succeeds and gets the intel in time. She then rushes to the Stock Exchange and crawls through 50 yards of air duct to reach the others, arriving moments before they likely would have been wiped out by Samaritan agents. She and Root defend the team as they all board the elevator to freedom, not realizing an override button must be pressed before the elevator will move. Root flirts with Shaw, making her attraction clear.

Shaw, although returning it, says the pair would be a disaster together. Even so, Shaw kisses Root before running to the button and sacrificing herself to give the others a chance to escape; she is shot down by Martine and taken captive, while the rest of the team is left not knowing if she even survived. Days after the incident at the stock exchange, Shaw awakens in a hospital bed overlooked by Greer, who comments that she will need her rest for what awaits her.

She is later used as bait for a trap to capture Root; she calls Root with a phone that traces back to the asylum where Shaw is being held and which houses Samaritan's base of operations.

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When Root and Finch come to rescue her, Samaritan's agents move Shaw before they can find her; Root finds the coat she wore when she was shot and glimpses her being taken through the window. Martine tells Root that Shaw was subjected to months of torture before she eventually broke, implying that Shaw had been brainwashed into supporting Greer and willingly supported the plan to bait Root.

Shaw is then seen looking pensively out the window of a car, and her mental state and allegiances at the time were unknown. Since Shaw was captured during the Flash-Crash , she has been through 6, Samaritan simulations in nine months which have the goal of getting Shaw to lead them to the Subway and the rest of the team.

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In the 6, st simulation, Shaw wakes up during an operation to insert a chip near her brain stem which apparently is for the purpose of making her more co-operative. She escapes the Samaritan facility and sails into New York. Shaw gets in touch with the team by pretending she is conspiring to murder someone, and Root finds her and helps to extract the chip before taking her to the safehouse although she says it is "her place". Root and Shaw sleep together that night.

In the morning, Shaw confronts Root and Reese about them not trusting her and they launch into a plan to kidnap Greer, which is successful. They take him to a church which is a natural Faraday cage and find what they suspect is a Samaritan kill switch embedded in his arm. Finch and Root leave to test it while Reese stays with Shaw. Greer provokes Shaw by saying that she is really under Samaritan control and it is part of the plan, and she shoots him.

Reese suspects something is wrong and tells Shaw they won't go back to the Machine until they figure it out. Shaw shoots him and tells Root and Finch that Samaritan agents came out of nowhere. Root comes to meet Shaw and tells her to lead the way. Shaw takes them to a playground and holds Root at gunpoint, asking if she knows where they are, which could hint that it is the playground in Qatar that Lambert mentioned at the start of the simulation.

Shaw confesses that she killed Reese and tells Root that when Samaritan's torture got too awful, she would take herself to this place, with Root, and she was her safe place. Shaw then says that she can't control herself anymore and she turns the gun on herself. When she shoots herself, the simulation ends.

The person in charge of the simulations informs Greer that although she committed suicide again, she did wait an extra hour before killing him this time. The simulation is initiated for the 6, nd time. After 7, attempts to torture Shaw through simulations to turn her into a Samaritan asset, Greer takes Shaw on a field trip. Shaw sits on a park bench with Greer as he tries to convince her that the people she is trying to protect are the bad guys.

Greer points out two businessmen who are only interested in their investments and not how they will affect or kill people. Shaw is unconvinced. Shaw is next introduced to Samaritan.

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  8. It is another simulation. As a nurse goes to inject Shaw with a sedative, she promises not to try anything and describes the plan she supposedly won't be using.

    Robert Gould Shaw’s Gruesome Task

    As the nurse is distracted, Shaw overpowers her, injects her with the sedative and smashes the room's camera with a chair. Shaw then uses a piece of wire she took from the room's lamp to short out the door lock and escapes through a hole she smashed in the bathroom wall behind the sink with a fire axe she stole during an escape attempt a month before.

    Lambert and his men manage to break into the room and find her gone and her escape route.

    Shaw eventually breaks through the wall of a Johannesburg prison where she takes out two inmates beating on a third, Samuel. Samuel tells Shaw that there's only one way in or out of that area of the prison which is only opened for meals or discipline.

    Robert Gould Shaw and the Fifty-fourth Regiment Memorial

    Shaw breaks the two out of the cell and has Samuel draw the guards attention. Once the gate is opened, Shaw knocks one out with the butt of her axe and uses the axe to stop the gate from closing as Samuel takes out the other guard. Samuel gives Shaw a guard's gun and tells her he has to stay and free his own friends from the prison. Wishing him luck, Shaw begins making her way out of the prison, knocking out several guards along the way.

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    As she continues, Shaw is confronted by Lambert at gunpoint with Lambert telling Shaw that her escape is just another simulation. Lambert claims that the prison and Shaw's escape route were based on her memories of killing a Somali bomb maker in South Africa. Lambert is able to use the over 7, simulations Shaw has been through to confuse her knowledge of what's real and what's not. Confused, Shaw drops her axe and Lambert tells her that she will soon be removed from the simulation.

    Shaw seems to accept that her experience is not real before drawing the guard's gun and shooting Lambert in the chest. Shaw tells the dying Lambert she had to "get that out of my system", simulation or not and steals his car keys as he dies. Shaw, wearing the clothes of a prison guard, eventually escapes the prison and takes off in Lambert's vehicle, presumably to an airport.

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    After escaping, Shaw makes her way back to New York where she finds Root who is excited to see her. Shaw fears that she is still in a simulation and tells Root that Root was the only member of the Team she couldn't kill, instead committing suicide each time. Losing her grip on reality, Shaw prepares to kill herself once more, but stops after Root prepares to do the same, proving to her that it's real. After Finch's cover is blown and his number comes up, Shaw works with Root to protect him. After getting caught in a Samaritan ambush, Shaw orders Root to take Finch to safety while she holds off the Samaritan agents single-handedly.

    Shaw is able to kill all of the agents and is picked up by Reese and Fusco. Reaching the prison where Finch is being held, Reese and Shaw discover that Finch has engineered a breakout and realize that his number came up not as a victim, but as a perpetrator against Samaritan. Shaw doesn't attend Root's funeral, instead sitting on a merry-go-round. After Reese comes to ask her to rejoin them, Shaw states her belief that it's another simulation and exposes herself to Samaritan which dispatches agents to get her.

    A man arrives, seemingly a Samaritan operative, but in reality a worker from Thornhill Corporation with a new identity for Shaw. Reese realizes that the Machine is reassigning Root's rotating identities to Shaw now that Root is dead, an action which shields Shaw once more from Samaritan's detection. The two then get a call from the Machine with the relevant number of the President of the United States. Shaw looks over the list of threats to the President that Fusco was able to get them and worries about the fact that Samaritan didn't warn the ISA of a threat to the President.

    Using Shaw's knowledge of assassinations, the group plots out how best to protect the President with Shaw finding that the Machine had included an invitation to a gala attended by the President with her new identity and blows off Fusco's worries about her.

    Welcome to Shaw

    At the gala, Shaw poses as a congressman's wife, meeting Tracey Phillips before Reese calls her after having found something. Discovering a bomb, the two manage to contain the blast and Shaw notes a likely suspect as a threat to the President is broadcasted stating that if the mass surveillance program isn't shut down, he will die the next day. Shaw captures the suspicious waiter she saw and determines that his ID for Charles Vaida is legitimate.

    Shaw realizes that Vaida is not a professional killer and threatens him with electricity and harm to his family. Vaida tells them that his group is determined to end the mass surveillance program due to it violating people's rights and Shaw shocks him before Reese pulls her out of the room. Shaw finds the terrorist's base of operations inside the house and is captured by Tracey Phillips, the true mastermind behind the operation who explains that they are willing to end the mass surveillance program at any cost, including the damage a Presidential assassination would cause.

    Shaw quickly realizes that her captors are all amateurs and when the lights go out, overpowers them with Fusco's help. However, Tracey warns them that they are too late to stop the plot which Shaw realizes is going to take place in the plaza where the President will give his speech.

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    Ma Shaws Wars Ma Shaws Wars
    Ma Shaws Wars Ma Shaws Wars
    Ma Shaws Wars Ma Shaws Wars
    Ma Shaws Wars Ma Shaws Wars
    Ma Shaws Wars Ma Shaws Wars

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