Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues (0)

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On the one hand there is a degree of job protection behind this, but also lack of insight in the benefits. The efficiency gain does not come from some reductions in planning and dispatching staff, but by operating in a better wayoutside. Here the real expense is being spent in machines, fuel and labour. Only then, can one really determine what explains the peaks and troughs of performance.

Simply measuring STS productivity, for instance, does not provide sufficient insight. Also, the circumstances affecting the performance must be gathered so that a complete picture results.

Maritime Logistics Contemporary Issues

Factors such as yard occupancy, gate volume, driving distances, and thenumber of unproductive moves should be monitored. The measurement should preferably take place in an automated way. Therefore, not MS-Excel spreadsheets filled in during or after the operation, but gathering at the source. The key questions are: What are the assets doing, how fast are they moving, how far are they driving? Finally, all information related to operational disturbances needs to be gathered, as this is the third explaining factor for performance.

Just gathering data serves no purpose. The data needs to be turned into insight, and insight into knowledge, so that the actual control improves. This means that the lessons learned need to be fed back to the staff planning and controlling the operation. This will have substantial effect on the variable cost. The cycle of measuring, analysis, and action should always be continuous so that the learning cycle also reacts to changes. In this process, it is also key to make record of implemented changes.

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Most changes in strategy will only have effect over a longer period of time typically more weeks than days. At the same time, there will be cyclic, independent influencing factors such as the seasonal patterns. These effects must be taken into account when analysing the result of change. We have seen very significant effects in improved planning capabilities after training.

Having a serious training programme, first for on-boarding,and later to further enhance operating skills is a key factor in operational performance. Where most operators are having or setting up training programmes, certification of the control room staff is still rare. Which is surprising given the large impact this staff has on operational success. Testing planners against a calibrated scenario — for instance, in a near-to-live virtual terminal see REF — is one possible way to get people in the right position.

Fundamentally, the ideas behind it are really new, but the combination of large amounts of data being available, and cheap cloud-based computing power, brings the ability to quickly recognize patters, rendering it much more useful.

Maritime Logistics Contemporary Issues by Dong Wook Song Photis Panayides

Still, computers have a tough time recognising context in data, but with help of experienced operational analysists, this gap can be bridged. The potential is large, as the container supply chain is highly repetitive, hence predictable. Where today, the terminal has almost zero information to use to allocate the right spot in the yard, learning about dwell time patterns, pick-up patterns, and roll-over patterns, may reduce the amount of unproductive moves by factors.

One can imagine how many cost savings would be achieved. Every expansion is planned when required, without looking at the bigger picture. Buildings in the most inconvenient places, height differences, light poles, roads with illogical routing and so forth, are quite common situations. Of course, not everything can be taken into account, but we can go significantly further in looking ahead and making a robust masterplan, that withstands a change of circumstances to a large extent.

Cargo flows, ship sizes, hinterland transportation patters, and dwell times are all subject to change, yet these can be addressed during the master planning. This means expansions become consecutive steps of the execution of a grand plan, rather than the isolated exercises typically leading to unwanted situations.


Modelling can greatly help in these assessments, and also act as a source of reference for future decision-making. Even the consequences of changing parameters can be easily analysed and quantified seeREF. There isa large degree of data exchange with many third parties. Such a scenario means the risk of receiving malware, viruses or alike, or spreading it to others, is quite large. Besides, the fact that containers contain high-value goods makes them a highly desirable target for cybercriminals. Finding the right container, filled with expensive electronics or cigarettes, by hacking in the system, and setting up an illegal delivery, is not a hypothetical scenario.

This means that cyber security must be part of the daily IT process. Making sure that all protection layers are up-to-date, and making sure that staff is aware of the risks. As people are always the weakest link, continuous back-ups are essential, so that recovery in case of an attack is quickly feasible.

These are results in a time where the technology to help is available. None of the points mentioned will require large investments, nor be too complex to implement. However, it requires ability and willingness to change. In many cases, this only arises when there is a serious problem for instance after a cyberattack causing substantial damage, people are willing to implement strict security procedures , or pressure from the outside e.

So, in closing, we still have a long way to go. Find the technical paper "10 Pre-requisites for smart terminals " - published in PTI magazine edition 81 - here.

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These cranes were chosen for their performance, ease of operation, and ease of delivery — the latter a key consideration for the inland container handling terminal, which is located a few kilometres from the sea port at George Town. It is scalable, easy-to-use software that allows users to control the movement and storage of containerized cargo in and around a terminal or port.

The user can optimise assets, labour and equipment performance, plan workloads and receive real-time information to improve decision-making. As we speed towards the deadline of the UK leaving the EU, Brexit will have consequences on the cargo transport per truck to and from the UK. The logistics at ferry terminals, with its time-critical processes, can be disrupted seriously and may result in serious congestions and delays.

TBA uses advanced in-house developed models to determine the extra time needed for trucks to do their checks once the Brexit takes effect. These models can also determine the required additional space to accommodate the trucks being processed. TBA has defined various possible scenarios to account for uncertainties in the duration of truck checks at terminals. With this information, mitigation plans can be formulated and the necessary preparations can be set in place for the impending Brexit.

Be involved in tuning our roadmaps and learn from best practices! The conference programme and topics revolves around the theme "Driving Performance". The TBA User Group Conference is a bi-annual 2-day on invitation only event offering our users and clients to be involved in tuning the roadmaps and to share best practices. Connect and learn from peers within the logistics industry.

Choose from 4 streams of interactive presentations and workshops. Get inspired by renowned keynote speakers and participate in exhilirating activities. More than 20 years of operations, 1, projects across plus terminals, over man-years spent on simulation. Sound crazy? This the story so far for TBA, which is improving the quality of decision-making in ports and terminals.

Multi-million projects require a firm foundation of decisionmaking, which solid models can provide. At the time we started our simulation practice, a large majority of terminals were designed using spreadsheets. It goes without saying that those analyses do not consider the process variations that take place in any container terminal operation. Read the entire article which has been published in Port Technology International magazine here.

This award is presented to a supplier of IT solutions that demonstrates its ability to deliver increased efficiency and improve management decision-making in a dry bulk cargo operation. CommTrac Multi Terminal is a browser-based solution which can be used by anyone with access to a web browser and security access permissions. Therefore, centralisation is easy to achieve. The CommTrac suite allows these global organisations to completely change their model by centralising planning and finance functions, while at the same time allowing the terminal to operate in a dynamic, real-time environment.

Centralisation then gives the senior management teams a real-time reporting overview at either a local level or from a global perspective allowing them to make key strategic decisions in a timely manner. TBA TOS Billing Engine - developed by utilising best practices from clients from all sectors of terminal operations - is operational and well established on every continent on the globe. The solution works by mapping multi-tier tariffs against the operational and storage activities performed by the terminal. Driven by customer needs, TBA filled the gap in the market place where customisation was typically used to deal with the complexities around terminal operations with a stand-alone billing tool.

The alternative of creating manual line items for charges -those which could not be handled by the standard finance configuration - requires manual processing and is error prone. TBA TOS Billing Engine can handle: Global or customer specific agreements Rolling annual increases Variance by product type Cargo handling activities Service and conditioning activities Storage rental charges long term, short term, guaranteed Minimum volume contracts Labour and equipment Berthing and marine services Cash collections The software has a comprehensive reporting package with many standard reports and an ad hoc report builder, which allows the user to create their own reports.

TOS Billing Engine worldwide implementations TBA has an established and encompassing portfolio of software and service solutions to operate and optimise container, bulk and general cargo terminal operations. During the development of the completely new CommTrac Bulk and General Cargo TOS in , it was decided to apply real focus on the capability of the software to convert operational activities into revenue.

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Contact us at TDO-sales tba. The Barrow-upon-Soar facility remains one of the largest and most technologically advanced plant of its kind in the world. The site underwent a major expansion that was completed in to meet growing demand for its speciality product, Thistle plasters.

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TBA was initially commissioned to facilitate the automation experience, particularly the PLC code and hardware, to operate the impressive fully automated Highbay Cranes. These cranes have over 8, pallet locations and turn over product in 48 hours to support a fast-moving supply chain. Based on a standard solution from TBA and enhanced in collaboration with British Gypsum engineers, it combines camera technology with remote manual operation of the cranes.

This has dramatically reduced the number of interventions on the cranes which require working at height. The productivity gains together with health and safety benefits are truly impressive. There have been several cases where this has been put to the test and each time TBA have delivered.

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We are very much looking forward to the next phase of development with them. The aim of TBA Leicester Round Table event is to discuss and demonstrate what the benefits are of automation within warehouses or warehousing operations. After following this interactive and inspiring event, participants will have gained insight on: Taking advantage of current day demands for diagnostics and reporting by refurbishing ageing systems The current opportunities for automated MHE material handling equipment and ASRS automated storage and retrieval systems within warehouse operations What the demands should be of warehouse automation The benefits of warehouse automation Secure your place in our Round Table discussion by subscribing yourself to our Round Table event at the web page of CILT Round Table Events.

Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues (0) Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues (0)
Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues (0) Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues (0)
Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues (0) Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues (0)
Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues (0) Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues (0)
Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues (0) Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues (0)
Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues (0) Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues (0)
Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues (0) Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues (0)
Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues (0) Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues (0)
Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues (0)

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