President Millard Fillmore: Witch Hunter

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So either Captain Burke preferred to only hire Asians named Henry to drive his Rolls Royce, or the second Henry might have been following in his father's footsteps, taking over his job as chauffeur after Henry the First passed away. Or we could go the outrageous Toobworld route - whoever Danny Kamekona really was on both shows, he was a quantum leaper from the future who stepped in as Henry the chauffeur and then as Che Fong. But anybody who dealt with him would see the glamour of the original person. So here we are, counting down the days to the inauguration of Barack Obama as President by showing various portrayals of past Presidents in Toobworld.

Today we have Thomas Jefferson, as seen in the pilot episode of 'Jack Of All Trades': Jefferson discovered that government agent Jack Styles was schtupping his niece after rescuing her from the French.

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Nitzke, Twin 1, Twin 2 Marty's doing such a good job drafting historical figures to help Steve improve his life that he's reassigned to Sammy Noah, a hell-raising rock star. Roberts [from epguides. As marks the 10th anniversary of the TV Crossover Hall of Fame, we're inducting a new member every week from one of the following categories: The League of Themselves Historical Figures The Tooniverse Locations For January, the month in which we usually salute the classics, who better for our Historical Figure inductee than Mark Twain?

Many of the portrayals of Samuel Langhorne Clemens can be delegated to other TV dimensions, to help spread the wealth. There are a few on this list that were narration only and so they wouldn't interfere with the "official" view of Twain for the main Toobworld. There are also a couple from the Tooniverse which can be accepted as being the same man, and some from foreign language productions. There may be a couple of alternate Toobworlds that have been dominated by one particular foreign power or another. The one true Zonk among all of these would be the three different times Mark Twain visited his old friends the Cartwrights on 'Bonanza', and each time he was portrayed by a different actor.

Whether one of them can be considered the true Mark Twain or not, I don't know. But at least two of them could be either alien shape-shifters or quantum leapers from the far future who can go that far back in Time.

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But then I read the plot description and decided that it had to remain the real Mark Twain One last thing He could have been in Philadelphia on a speaking tour, and there should be no time limit on murder investigations. Mark Twain Robert Cornthwaite. Huckleberry Finn Melvyn Douglas. Witch Hunt Nicholas Hammond. Mark Twain Tonight! Mark Twain and Me Stephen Shortridge. Innocents Abroad, The Jeffrey Weissman. Riverworld Robin Dunne. Roughing It James Garner. Roughing It Jerry Hardin. Life on the Mississippi Tom Skerritt.

Strobel has his own website with an excellent array of pictures from that production and I'd like to thank him for the chance to feature them in this display of the sequence of events on September 6, This weekend saw the series finale for 'Stargate: Atlantis', which saw the annihilation of the Wraith threat to Earth and the city-ship of Atlantis nestled in the ocean just outside the boundaries of San Francisco's waters. What with all of the plot threads they had to wrap up and satisfying conclusions to all of their characters, the finale still found time for a small tribute to the actor Don S.

Millard Fillmore: A presidential portrait

Davis passed away in , and so the same fate befell General Hammond as well, of a sudden heart attack. For all that he had done in service to the Stargate mission, a new starship was outfitted and commissioned in his honor; formerly to be known as the Phoenix, the starship was now the "General Hammond". No actor could probably ask for a more fitting memorial to one of his characters. After all, nothing will last longer than sci-fi TV shows in syndication heaven. Grover Cleveland has been the only President so far to have served two non-consecutive terms in office.

As such, today we're featuring two different portrayals of President Cleveland in Toobworld as we count down to the historic inauguration of Barack Obama. And both portrayals took place in TV Westerns that had their fair share of not only espionage, but also science fiction. Miguelito Loveless, Jr.

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This happened in on the Toobworld timeline. This happened in the final episode of the series in , and would have set up the overall arc for the second season storyline. Now, as can be seen by the two pictures, there is something of a difference in physical appearance for Cleveland. This is easy enough to splain away besides the fact that the quality of the first picture isn't very good : in Cleveland looked older and more haggard as he was suffering from his detention in an underground cave prison cell. Nearly ten years later, and now President Cleveland was more robust.

Perhaps he even had some work done with some kind of experimental plastic surgery. Hey, if they could clone somebody back in those days! John Chapman. For 6 episodes he served as a place-holder until Stone was well enough to return as Dr. Galen Adams. I know what you're thinking: well, that's not very Toobworldly enough to make a special post, and you're right.

There was another reason why I wanted to write about Dr. John Chapman, and it concerns the Toobworld subject of reincarnation. Toobworld Central is taking the position that Dr. John Chapman was "born to rerun" as another character who had a moment to shine almost years after Chapman's glory days in Dodge City.

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Of course, none of this can be verified; it's all just another crackpot theory from yours truly. For most of the episodes in which Dr. Chapman appeared on 'Gunsmoke', he was blended in with the rest of the cast, merely serving in the stead of Doc Adams; doing what Doc would have done in that script. But for his first episode, the focus was on Dr. Doc writes that he was so distraught over the death of a young girl under his care, who was suffering from an illness he didn't know how to treat, that he has gone East to re-enter medical school and catch up on something other than surgery for bullet wounds.

This was actually a ploy to give Milburn Stone, who had suffered a heart attack in the off season, time to fully recover. I did not care for this, finding it distracting too often.

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Also, the narrator has no story of his own. Leah Randall has been acting all her life, but her talent for timing, impressions, and improvisation will be put to the test. Success will mean more money than she can count, while failure will mean prison, perhaps worse.

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After seeing her vaudeville performance twice, Oliver Beckett is convinced that Leah is in fact his long lost niece Jessie Carr. The resemblance is unmistakable. Of course, Oliver will expect his share, enough to sustain his appetites for the rest of his life. The new Jessie overcomes suspicions, reuniting with her family as though she had never left. But one family member is not convinced at all. Then the bodies of strangled women begin appearing.

I am thrilled to read its published, polished, and justly-laureled form.

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Rationality Zero , by J. Guillen, is a sci-fi novel where a team of agents investigate and eliminate creatures from another reality. The opening was a little precarious for me due to my unfamiliarity , but once I found my stride, I was immersed in this sci-fi story.

President Millard Fillmore: Witch Hunter President Millard Fillmore: Witch Hunter
President Millard Fillmore: Witch Hunter President Millard Fillmore: Witch Hunter
President Millard Fillmore: Witch Hunter President Millard Fillmore: Witch Hunter
President Millard Fillmore: Witch Hunter President Millard Fillmore: Witch Hunter
President Millard Fillmore: Witch Hunter President Millard Fillmore: Witch Hunter
President Millard Fillmore: Witch Hunter President Millard Fillmore: Witch Hunter
President Millard Fillmore: Witch Hunter President Millard Fillmore: Witch Hunter
President Millard Fillmore: Witch Hunter President Millard Fillmore: Witch Hunter
President Millard Fillmore: Witch Hunter

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