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A lot of traffic will stress the ball python. Get your aquarium setup right, nice and warm before purchasing the ball python. Detailed Housing Ball pythons are not very active snakes, so a smaller enclosure is fine gallon tank for younger snakes, 30 gallon tank for an adult with a securely fitted top and clips or sliding screen to keep them locked in escape proof!

We prefer newspaper for our breeders and paper towels for our babies. If you do use newspaper, know that the printer ink from the newspaper will make your ball pythons colors a little darker or duller temporarily until their next shed cycle. You can get newspaper without printing ink on it, but then I doubt it will be free.

I like free! Never use pine or cedar anywhere near your ball python. Both emit oils and fumes that are toxic to your ball python. Use Aspen if you must use a wood bedding. A perfect hide touches the snake on all sides including from above and provides a big enough entrance for them to get into and pull their food through.

Ball Python Care: Everything a Beginner Should Know – Embora Pets

You can purchase one from a local pet store or you can make your own which doesn't take much effort or imagination to cut the cost. Under tank heating UTH pads work fantastic with a reptile thermostat to control the temperature from getting too hot and burning your ball python.

Choosing the Best Terrarium

This side of the tank should be maintained at 90 degrees with a reptile thermostat connected to the UTH. In this way the middle of the tank should be approx 85 degrees and the farthest away from the heater other side of the tank should be approx 80 degrees. This allows the ball python to move about to the temperature that best suits him.

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Place the water bowl on the cooler side. At night the temps can drop slightly but temps should never go below 75 degrees. NEVER use heat rocks! Heat rocks will certainly burn your ball python's belly sooner or later. Put a thermometer on each side of the aquarium to monitor temperatures. Put a hide on each side so the ball python doesn't have to give up security to adjust its belly warmth.

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  • Heating and Lighting.

If you choose to have a light above your enclosure not required , incandescent bulbs should not be used at night. Any lights are better suspended over the enclosure rather than placed on to the top of the screen top. Please do not put a light inside the enclosure where the ball python can come into contact with it and burn itself. Any exposed light bulbs or heating elements will burn your ball python.

Provide a water dish large enough for the snake to soak in if it wishes. Soaking is especially important during shed cycles. Ball pythons shed several times a year. This is normal as they grow. Place the water bowl on the cool side of the tank in a water bowl that cannot be tipped over by the ball python.

If your ball python doesn't shed well in one piece , 1 make sure your enclosure setup is correct, or 2 consider adding a small humidifier to the room with a timer that allows the humidifier to activate a few times a day for a few minutes. This will save you so much money in vet bills! I promise you that you have won half the battle by just keeping the enclosure clean! See your ball python has made a mess, clean it up immediately.

Don't wait. Get in the habit! Wash hands, handle the reptile, wash hands! Holding and Picking up your Ball Python First, hold and play with your ball python once every few days. Each time you hold your ball python should be an opportunity for each of you to grow more trust between each other.

A Complete Guide to Ball Python Pet Care for Beginners

Approach and hold your ball python with confidence. They can feel your confidence and they in turn will feel more confident and safe. If you want a pet to pick up and hold each and every day, a different type of pet is probably best. Excessive stress affects the ball python's immune system and will make them vulnerable to sickness. Holding and spending time with them once every few days is great!

Second, when picking up your ball python, please realize your ball python is immediately trying to determine if you are friend or foe, food or a possible predator, or his best bud you. You must clean your hands so that no smells remain of your dog, cat, etc that might trick your ball python into thinking your hand could be food. Use the Germ-X before picking the ball python up each time.

Also, don't reach for their face or move too quickly. Surprise is not something they enjoy. Just confidently reach for the side of their body and lift the ball python up. The ball python knows that food is not going to be able to lift them up. If you open the enclosure and see your ball python is agitated or wary for some reason, distract the ball python with your other hand at a distance remember they track prey by movement, heat, sight and smell , and pick him up with the other hand.

The ball python will immediately switch modes to nice snake realizing that you are not prey. By the way, if your ball python frequently seems agitated, try feeding your ball python a little smaller rodent s more often. If you feed your ball python a medium rat once every two weeks, try a small rat or two each week instead.

If your ball python isn't docile, content and inquisitive, evaluate what you are doing wrong and correct it. Feeding There is so much to be said about feeding ball pythons! I've found it easier to explain by a Q and A type format. I hope you agree. What do I feed my ball python? We breed clean rats only here at Ball Python Cafe and that is what is provided to our ball pythons from birth.

Mice stink Peeeeyouuu! Also, eventually as your ball python grows, mice aren't going to be able to cut it anymore as a proper sized feeder or food source. You will eventually have to transition your ball python to eating rats anyway. Mice are "snake candy" to ball pythons and once established on mice, it can be very difficult to get a ball python to change its eating habits back to rats, although it can be done. Stick with rats as food from the start!

Ball Python Care

How big should the feeder s offered be for my ball python? A general rule is that the feeders size should never exceed the ball python's largest girth. However, I've found that a smaller feeder is better and easier on your ball pythons digestive tract! To give you some perspective, a baby ball python starts on live pinky rats or fuzzy rats. Fuzzy rats offer a bigger target for the baby ball python to aim at over a pinky. Spend awhile with fuzzy rats, then progress through rat pups, and weanlings as your ball python grows and feels more confident.

Watch their reactions during feedings. Ball pythons are so docile, they will literally allow a rat to eat on them! Juvenile to adult ball pythons up to grams pretty big , are very comfortable eating small rat feeders at each feeding. Adult ball pythons over grams can be carefully offered medium rat feeders. Large rat feeders and bigger really have no place being fed to ball pythons at all.

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  • Ball Python Care Sheet.

How often should my ball python be offered feeders a feeding? Baby ball pythons should be offered pinky or fuzzy feeders every four to five days. Ball pythons over grams should normally only need to be offered feeder s once a week and then every two weeks as an adult.

Pay attention to your ball python, feed more often if they seem to be hungry. A ball python in an S neck lying still looking at you through the aquarium is hungry and ready to eat. How do I feed my ball python more than one feeders? Never feed your ball python more than four appropriate sized feeder s in one feeding even if it still seems hungry. Ball Pythons go through growth spurts like humans and will frequently eat multiple feeders.

They will also refuse food completely at times.

go to link As long as their weight remains stable, the ball python is completely fine. All completely normal.

Quick & Easy Ball Python Care Quick & Easy Ball Python Care
Quick & Easy Ball Python Care Quick & Easy Ball Python Care
Quick & Easy Ball Python Care Quick & Easy Ball Python Care
Quick & Easy Ball Python Care Quick & Easy Ball Python Care
Quick & Easy Ball Python Care Quick & Easy Ball Python Care
Quick & Easy Ball Python Care Quick & Easy Ball Python Care
Quick & Easy Ball Python Care Quick & Easy Ball Python Care
Quick & Easy Ball Python Care Quick & Easy Ball Python Care
Quick & Easy Ball Python Care

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