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Open House Staff Report September 25, Open House. WiFi works … if you connect. Faculty Finals. Building Steam.

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Athlete of the Week: Julia Heine. Athlete of the Issue: Cassie Marte. Spring-Ford softball soars. Bright Futures. Hamid headed for Ivy Leagues. Shooting Stars bonds students. What is most important to you in picking a college? Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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Spirit Week brings students together. Spirit week plans start early.

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Powderpuff high flying fun. Fond Memories. Home Staff About.

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Search Submit Search. The primatologist and the geneticist race against time before George and two other animals a giant crocodile nicknamed Lizzie and a giant wolf dubbed Ralph go on a… drumroll… rampage. Rampage puts most of its emotional stock in the friendship between Davis and George, and the emphasis pays off.

Johnson and his gorilla pal played by Jason Liles via motion-capture share genuine chemistry.

Rampage Open Air - FestiTent | FestiTent

Harris is arguably something of a tag-along girl, but she gets her character beats and never devolves into a mere love interest. Jeffrey Dean Morgan steals the show as a profoundly cynical government agent who might not necessarily be a villain. Malin Ackerman and Jake Lacey are the amusing corporate baddies, and their sub-plot mostly takes place within a single interior location. None of these characters are going into the history books, but everyone is having a good time and they are colorful enough that they qualify as entertainment in between the monster mash sequences.

And when the payoff does come, Rampage turns into a stunningly big-scale disaster-porn adventure. Rampage never forgets to tell its story and keep its core characters front-and-center amid the chaos. The first half of the film keeps things relatively intense, again more akin to a Jurassic Park movie than a gee-whiz adventure.

We even get some dark backstory for both of our core heroes, as Davies is clearly traumatized by what he saw and what he did in defense of the animals. Not necessarily knowing how they would stretch the budget, I was pleasantly surprised to see lots of clearly-lit and coherently edited, broad daylight monster attack set pieces during the third act pay-off. There are plenty of Easter Eggs for fans of the game, none of which pull you out of the story. Johnson is cast-to-type, Harris is game and Morgan is having a scenery-chewing blast I will not divulge his best line of dialogue, but it concerns explaining the parameters of his job.

Peyton again shows a steady and unshowy hand at the helm.

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It works both as a somewhat faithful adaptation of the source material but prioritizes being a good and splashy kid-friendly adventure over rigid source fidelity.

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