The Career Girls Guide to Unemployment

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If your claim is accepted, you can file for unemployment. Each state will have a different set of rules for those filing for unemployment.

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The U. Official government websites will end with.

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Just remember to file in the right state. If you were working in a neighboring state before you lost that job, or the loss of employment forced you to move elsewhere, you'll want to file in the state where you were employed, not in the state where you live. In most cases, it takes two to three weeks for your first benefit check to arrive.

Again, that will vary from state to state. Something as simple as a typo on your application form could stall the process, so be sure to read over your unemployment claim carefully before submitting it. Account maintenance is key. You can receive your weekly funds through direct deposit. Filing for unemployment can be stressful, but the above information should make your application for unemployment benefits much easier. Still, you might come across questions about how to file for unemployment, wait or refile your claims.

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Go reap those benefits! Follow topics like career advice, lifestyle or health. Discover and join groups with like-minded women who share your interests, profession, and lifestyle. All rights reserved. Sarah Landrum , Who Is Eligible for Unemployment? Types of Unemployment Eligibility Requirements There are several types of unemployment eligibility requirements. Earnings Requirements: " To receive unemployment compensation, workers must meet the unemployment eligibility requirements for wages earned or time worked during an established usually one year period of time; also, workers must be determined to be unemployed through no fault of their own, so if you quit or were fired, you may not be eligible for unemployment compensation," according to The Balance.

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I replaced my furnace filters regularly because dirty ones reduce airflow. This leads to an overworked heating component hence increasing the energy costs. Discontinuation of discretionary expenditure I was paying for a lot of unnecessary services. I canceled my magazine subscriptions, non-functional credit cards which attracted an annual fee, and extra phone services. Reducing long distance calls Before getting laid off, I used to make frequent calls to my friends and relatives in China and Africa. These fees really added up.

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Negotiating with my creditors Fortunately, my good credit record came to the rescue. After talking to my creditors and explaining my strained financial situation, the interest rates on my credit cards were reduced.

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I managed to convince them to reduce my monthly loan payments at least temporarily. Selling My Car Cars are expensive to maintain and drive, so I got rid of it! It was a tricky decision to sell my vehicle, because of how convenient is to have a car. But, with a little extra planning, it has saved me tons of money. Instead of driving Denise to school, I send her away on the school bus every morning and I found a temporary job that was only a bus ride from our home.

I used the money from selling my car to repay part of my mortgage. Selling the car rendered my garage vacant. This was another opportunity to be exploited.

I leased the space to a local wholesaler who had challenges finding extra warehousing space! Therefore, I had to pay out of pocket costs, which can get incredibly expensive.

Under unemployment, I applied for a subsidized health coverage, which is a provision of the Affordable Care Act. I got a temporary health cover which required me to pay smaller premiums while still trying to recover.

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Getting a Temporary Job When my daughter was in school during the day, I worked as a part-time management consultant in a medium-sized IT company around town. The job, though not as high flying as my previous one, gave me experience, which will hopefully come in handy for my future job hunt.

Additionally, the job kept me occupied as opposed to staying in the house worrying and wishing. Keeping busy gave me clarity and perspective with regards to my future plans. After creating an inventory of the things I no longer needed, I took high-quality photos and posted them on Craigslist and LetGo. While I was selling stuff, I made sure to meet the prospective buyers in public places or had a friend come to my home at the arranged time. You can never be too careful!

But, I still try to set aside time and money to invest in myself. I also joined a few networking groups through MeetUp. During this trying time, I think that remaining positive and productive has been one of my biggest assets. The power rests within yourself.

The Career Girls Guide to Unemployment The Career Girls Guide to Unemployment
The Career Girls Guide to Unemployment The Career Girls Guide to Unemployment
The Career Girls Guide to Unemployment The Career Girls Guide to Unemployment
The Career Girls Guide to Unemployment The Career Girls Guide to Unemployment
The Career Girls Guide to Unemployment The Career Girls Guide to Unemployment

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