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And if you are looking for more colour to add to the garden in the next few weeks, try some fall Chrysanthemums and asters — they are striking. And finally the vegetable garden — fabulous production from most people I have spoken with this year, and the pumpkin, zucchini, and cucumber crops look to be especially bountiful. So try to enjoy this last bit of summer — before we know it fall will be here and the reds, oranges, and deep golds of the trees will take over.

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Director of Civil Forfeiture applies to seize cash and jewelry under proceeds of crime law. The police are releasing few details until after an autopsy is completed. Instead, the focus needs to be on the renewable resource over the long term, Horgan said.

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Activist Greta Thunberg responded to attacks on campaign as students take part in global protests. Conservation officer service confirms two red-bellied piranhas caught in Nanaimo lake. Submissions heard Friday in impaired driving causing death of year-old Surrey grandma Dolat Jiwani. Greta Thunberg says if adults are mocking kids, they must feel threatened. Glenn is not only industrious and generous but successfully demonstrates how local resources can be leveraged for sustained food production. A Glimpse of a Haitian Garden.

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According to Minority Rights Group International, approximately 20, to 70, migrant Haitian workers live in the Bahamas as construction laborers, farmers and garden workers or domestic workers. Many reside in squatter camps such as one we briefly visited north of Marsh Harbour. Among a large cluster of shacks, we observed that much of the vacant land was under cultivation.

Hills of cassava had been planted into an earthen bank that separated the settlement from an adjacent business. Patches of pigeon pea were established near homes and closer to the highway, a sizeable patch of plantain was towering over an understory of beans. Able to tolerate poor soil and scarce rainfall, these crops provide much needed carbohydrates, vitamins and protein. The Haitian migrant gardens demonstrate resilience. Thomas Baptist Church, we met with the Bahamian Baptists to discuss their church gardening efforts.

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We asked whether they had ever considered assisting the Haitians with small-scale food production. Many others nodded in agreement. A Synergistic Effect? Even though we were on Abaco for only 48 hours, we observed three compelling examples of small-scale food production in a challenging location. One exemplified collaboration, another demonstrated the wise use of local resources and the third modeled resilience.

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The unifier was that each of the three gardening efforts reflected local food preference. It would be wonderful to see some sort of collaboration among gardeners such as these.

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Should this happen, the resulting synergistic effect would be significant, not only benefiting the gardeners and consumers of Abaco, but serving to inspire others throughout the Bahamas and beyond. Gardening CommunityGardens.


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The Gardener The Gardener
The Gardener The Gardener
The Gardener The Gardener
The Gardener The Gardener
The Gardener The Gardener
The Gardener The Gardener
The Gardener The Gardener
The Gardener The Gardener
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