The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finally Makes It!

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The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finally Makes It!

Ask them what is special or unusual about this spider. Encourage students to listen for the following words—and the words they rhyme with—as you read the book. Use Resource 1: Vocabulary Cards and distribute copies to students. Ask students the following riddles based on the vocabulary words.

Create a List

The riddles include a rhyming clue and a meaning clue. Have students volunteer the answers or hold up the vocabulary card that answers each riddle. Model a fluent reading of the book, emphasizing the rhyming in the text that creates humor and also cues students to remember the sequence of events in the song.

Project the pages onto a whiteboard or screen and guide students to follow along as you read. Reread the book, this time encouraging students to say or read the rhyme aloud. When reading aloud, pause so students can fill in missing words. Project the book, and point out the illustrations to help them locate clues. Read the book another time to repeat the exercise.

Ask students to think about this question as they read. Write the question on chart paper and display it. Explain that you will ask them to answer the question after they have read the book. What is clever about this spider? Explain to students that in the song things happen in a sequence, or order. Words like first, then, next, and finally are called cue words because they help describe the sequence of a story in time order.

Reader Interactions

Use the graphic organizer on Resource 2: Retelling With Sequence Words to model for students how to use sequence cue words to retell the events of the rhyme. Project the page on a whiteboard or pass out copies to students. Then lead the students through a retelling of the first rhyme in the book using the sequence cue words. You can look at the illustrations in the book to help you remember the order that things happen. How will we begin telling about the itsy bitsy spider?

The Itsy Bitsy Spider Diaries | Helix Magazine

First, the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the what? The waterspout! Then, down came the what? Have students volunteer the remainder of the sequence of events in the rhyme. Ask them to repeat the cue word at the beginning of each line as they fill in the missing words. Have you heard the song about the itsy bitsy spider before? Where did you hear it? Why do you think children sing and like the song so much? Sample answers: My babysitter sang it to me.

I like it because it rhymes and the hand motions are fun. What happens after the itsy bitsy spider builds a web on the rooftop? Sample answer: The web helps keep her safe from the rain. Which of the vocabulary words rhymes with say and day? What other rhyming songs do you know? What other songs do you know that have finger or hand motions? Play games with students to build their auditory discrimination of rhyming words. Depending on their developmental level, have students match pictures that have rhyming names or display objects like a ball, a book, and a block to match with a rhyming word that you say aloud.

Explain to students that spiders are different from insects. Spiders have eight legs; insects have six legs. Project photographs of different spiders and insects on the whiteboard or screen. Have students count the number of legs and tell whether it is a spider or an insect. Pair students with a partner to retell the story using the illustrations. Have one partner tell what happens on the first spread, pointing out details in the illustrations.

Then ask the second partner to explain what happens on the next spread. Have students take turns until they read the entire book.

Encourage students to describe details in the pictures that are not mentioned in the text. Provide students with the materials needed to create a giant spider web in one corner of the classroom.

Help them anchor points for the web, then give students yarn or string to spin a spider web. With black construction paper and pipe cleaners, guide students to make spiders to add to the web. Model for students how to write the song by first brainstorming with students to create a list of words that rhyme with tree. Then create the song together on chart paper or the whiteboard. Give each student an opportunity to answer the big question. Encourage students to support their answers with details and evidence from the text.

Tell them there is more than one right answer. What is most clever about this spider?


Make copies of the printable, Big Activity: Spider Legs! Explain that they will draw eight legs for the itsy bitsy spider and then number the legs. Go over the activity directions with students and clarify any questions. She nodded and helped me up to my feet. I'd better get you back home before I clean up this mess. If you want, I can meet you outside of the woods tomorrow afternoon. She then began to lead me away from the massacre.

How spiders terrorized a woman with a creepy midnight nursery rhyme

The girl seemed to pause for a moment, as if pondering about something. For a minute there, I thought that she didn't have a name. But then, she finally told me her name. A name that I would forever remember until the day I die. For two weeks, after school or during my free times in the weekend, I would go into the woods and meet up with Nemesis, who would often wait beside this tree, just near the outskirts of the woods.

And if she wasn't, I would wait instead until she arrived. It wasn't that hard to find, unless you weren't looking for it. While the tree itself looked like any other trees, up just above eye-level, carved deeply into the tree's bark, was a peculiar design. It was of a pentagram, but it had a circle carved into it followed by an X in the center. Nemesis had carved that into the tree using what she called her "weapon of choice", which was a yo-yo with four blades that were able to retract to her will.

What we can learn from the itsy bitsy spider

That also beared the same symbol. She told me that if she was ever late, I was to wait there until she arrived. Every time we met, we would then venture further into the woods, into a clearing where a patch of wildflowers grew, with the trees circled around the clearing, leaving a wide open space that allowed the sun to bask its rays of light on the flower petals.

It was very beautiful and untainted, almost like a painting. And since nobody ventured here, it became our secret spot. We didn't do much, most of the times we would just talk. I'd talk while she would listen. I would tell her all about my days at home and school, mostly about all the problems that I've had. It didn't seem to bother her, in fact, she appeared to enjoy my conversations. Though sometimes when we didn't talk, we would either make flower bracelets or just lay side by side among the flowers, enjoying the scenery whilst Nemesis sang a string or nursery rhymes, her favorite being "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider".

I would tell her of all my troubles at school and at home, how my mother would constantly control my life, such as what to wear and what was considered "evil", and how the kids teased me for the way I looked and behaved. Every time she listened, Nemesis would more often than not add her own opinion.

She would tell me to ignore what people said about me and that I should become my own independent self, not take orders from others. Well, as some of you could imagine, that was easier said than done. Funnily enough, I had started to feel braver and more confident of myself.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finally Makes It! The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finally Makes It!
The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finally Makes It! The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finally Makes It!
The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finally Makes It! The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finally Makes It!
The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finally Makes It! The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finally Makes It!
The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finally Makes It! The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finally Makes It!
The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finally Makes It! The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finally Makes It!
The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finally Makes It! The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finally Makes It!

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