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Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. In "Back to the Future", which of the following location's name changes due to Marty's actions? What was the name of Doc's dog in in the movie "Back to the Future: Part 3"?

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In the movie "Back to the Future ", what brand of dog biscuits are behind Einstein's bowl? In the movie "Back to the Future", what is the name of the housing development where the McFly's live in ? In 's "Back to the Future", when Marty McFly returns to , who is the bum sleeping on the park bench? Which automobile company produces the black 4X4 which Marty wants on "Back to the Future"?

In "Back to the Future" what does Marty McFly get served in when he asks for something without sugar?

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In the movie "Back to the Future", what is Jennifer's grandmother's phone number? Who drew the artwork for the promotional taglines posters for "Back to the Future"?

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In the movie "Back to the Future", what beverage is the man in the Cafe 80's drinking? What is the name of the jewelry store in the movie "Back to the Future" seen briefly in and on the park bench ad in ? According to what was written on the window, what did the Antique store sell in "Back to the Future"?

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What is the name of the town that "Back to the Future" was based on in the first drafts of the movie? Back to top. Remove Ad.

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With easy navigation between each question and answer section and questions on a whole host of characters, you are sure to enjoy this fantastic quiz. Play it yourself or test your friends!

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    The McFly Quiz Book The McFly Quiz Book
    The McFly Quiz Book The McFly Quiz Book
    The McFly Quiz Book The McFly Quiz Book
    The McFly Quiz Book The McFly Quiz Book
    The McFly Quiz Book The McFly Quiz Book
    The McFly Quiz Book The McFly Quiz Book

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