The Not-So-Ugly Canadian (Looking Back At Geeksville)

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Businesses must consider how they develop, protect and value their IP, this may vary from brand protection through to enforcing their copyright in the event of it being infringed. FAST will support software businesses through this process. The business, founded in , has been carefully built on strong foundations and has ambitions to continue growing, increasing its profitability and developing new products to take to market.

Over the last two years we have added a number of strings to our bow, and we intend to keep going. In Cromar launched a glass fibre roofing system for flat roofs which they have so much confidence in, it comes with a 25 year guarantee. This has enabled me to build a stronger business than I may have been able to without them.

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As Cromar is a family. Mike has an outside perspective of our company and always offers a realistic point of view, which has aided my decision making no end.

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  6. If you do, you will leave yourself open to problems. I believe in growing slowly to ensure that you can satisfy demand, keep your staff happy, and take periods of respite to ensure you stay on the right path to success. When times are tough, people are more likely to refurbish, and through taking our time we were able to focus on products used in both refurbishments and new builds.

    We are able to run the business with low levels of stock, which really helps with cash flow. We always listen to the needs of our staff and work hard to show them that they are appreciated. For example, we are currently working towards changing shift patterns to be more convenient for the team. I always make an effort to thank our people when they have a done a good job. I think that is very important, as the success of the business is not just a credit to me, but a credit to everyone who works here. All of our products are covered by the ISO quality system, so you know you can trust them.

    I think. All of our successes to date have been built on the back of innovating and taking measured risks. I will continue to adopt this approach, and we look forward to bringing new products to market in the near future. This is because we are able to run the business with low levels of stock, which really helps with cash flow. We have to know our business inside out to be so successful at this and have an excellent team who are tuned in to demand, enabling us to prepare for change and react quickly as necessary.

    Start the conversation today. Call Mike Jackson on or visit www. But the all-action entrepreneur, just back from motor racing in Marseille when he meets BQ over a pie and pint, has much else to fill his mind besides his banking revelations. Then there are his 2, foot soldiers who can each contact him at any time. While enabling the sharing of good news, it gives Lawrence eyes on the ground in any area of the business. And these could be in care homes, on airport runways or construction sites or under the bonnet of a championship winning machine. What should I do? Register could purchase their devalued assets.

    That then snowballed into finding hundreds of businesses that had been through a similar pattern — so much so that it concerned me and I did my report. It suggested there was a system behind it. The true impact of the report be seen when the FCA concludes its findings — but it may have already contributed to some actions being take which Tomlinson sees as positive. I hope not in the way it is now.

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    An eye-opener for him at the time was the amount of lobbying that takes place at Whitehall. So I spent a lot of time in the Treasury trying to help them understand how hard it is to get access to finance and what the reality is. But, given the sheer diversity. The sexy side of his enterprise is Ginetta, which makes up to road and race cars a year in Leeds.

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    It also runs racing championships and provides an affordable route into motorsport for drivers as young as We do exactly the same thing, except we added another element to it. So in the the 50s and 60s it was fairly acceptable that people would go to a race track and see multiple deaths. To take a car company and develop a product for a world market is a seven to 10 year plan. You need a long term funding plan. Three subsidiaries cover elderly care — operating, building and providing software for care homes.

    Alongside iPhones, employees also receive shares in the business after six months of service. Perhaps the biggest change to the industry since then is the impact of technology. The company stops short of CCTV, however. Would you really have CCTV in your own home? But if you just want to work the odd Saturday then zero hours contracts are not the worst in world. Sometimes it suits someone to be able to work only when they want to.

    Politicians talking about getting rid of zero hours have to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Among its successes is a product which has effectively brought an end to the problem of leaves on railway lines and a runway de-icer which, unlike previous products, is kinder to airplane carbon disk brakes.

    A feast fit for a whippet So slight is Lawrence Tomlinson that the Guardian once described him as whippet thin.

    Unfogged: Comment on Knowing when to fold.

    Surely a crisp salad plus a dose of protein is what fuels the driving elite these days? Then again, racing in the South of France — as Tomlinson was doing a mere 24 hours before our lunch meeting — must be hungry work. Lawrence tucks into his impressively portioned beef pie — served with garden peas and fries — with relish. Its towering crust casts a shadow over my entirely healthier smoked trout salad and plate envy ensues. The recently refurbished pub affords pretty views across the river Wharfe from inside or in its expansive beer garden. It is also well served for real ales from Wharfe Bank Brewery and the menu is entirely seasonal and filled with locally sourced quality produce.

    A wine connoisseur is not something I can claim to be but I do enjoy a glass or two of wine after a busy week. When I informed my husband that I was reviewing wines for BQ Magazine and that not only was one of them white but the other a fruity Australian red, he assumed that I would be delegating responsibility for the entire taste to him. The first wine we sampled was a St Felix, Sauvignon-Vermentino, a very easy drinking white from the Languedoc-Roussillon region in the south of France.

    A large and diverse wine region, covering an area that stretches from Nimes and Montpellier. The wine was fresh and light with delicate fruit and a bright finish. Most producers, like St Felix, Sauvignon-Vermentino, make blends instead of single varietal wines. The wine was very nice on its own, which is how we enjoyed it but I imagine it would also work well with salads and fish. The red wine, we drank over dinner. The wine was unusual but pleasant, notes of sage, cinnamon and violets on the nose.

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    Medium bodied on the palate with a fruit sweetness of blackberries and red berries. This red was a great accompaniment to the pasta we happened to be eating that evening. Both wines were really drinkable and it was good to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Our vision is clear. We see construction as dynamic, exciting and rewarding. Our people are our strength; we succeed and achieve through their experience, commitment and training. In short, Esh Construction delivers. To find out more please visit:. Bowcliffe Hall will be an exclusive private venue offering high end entertainment and events as well as a members only bar and restaurant. John is an avid supporter of sourcing local produce.

    The Not-So-Ugly Canadian (Looking Back At Geeksville) The Not-So-Ugly Canadian (Looking Back At Geeksville)
    The Not-So-Ugly Canadian (Looking Back At Geeksville) The Not-So-Ugly Canadian (Looking Back At Geeksville)
    The Not-So-Ugly Canadian (Looking Back At Geeksville) The Not-So-Ugly Canadian (Looking Back At Geeksville)
    The Not-So-Ugly Canadian (Looking Back At Geeksville) The Not-So-Ugly Canadian (Looking Back At Geeksville)
    The Not-So-Ugly Canadian (Looking Back At Geeksville) The Not-So-Ugly Canadian (Looking Back At Geeksville)
    The Not-So-Ugly Canadian (Looking Back At Geeksville) The Not-So-Ugly Canadian (Looking Back At Geeksville)

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