The Wide Turn Toward Home

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The Iranian convoy was tracked by the US, Saudi, Egyptian and UAE fleets, any one of which may have intercepted an Iranian vessels trying to unload arms for the rebels. Tehran further refrained from ordering its warships to turn around and told them to stay on course for the Gulf of Aden opposite Yemen.

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The rebels made it clear that for them, the war goes on. From Washington, US President Barack Obama warned Tehran against delivering weapons to Yemen that could be used to threaten shipping traffic in the region. He was referring to the Iranian buildup of nine vessels, some carrying weapons, and warning that US warships were deploying to defend international navigation in the Gulf of Aden and the strategic Strait of Bab el-Mandeb off the shores of Yemen.

He did not say whether the Saudi Arabia had accepted a ceasefire after three weeks of air strikes, or its targets, the Houthi rebels and their Yemeni army allies — or both. Their acceptance would terminate the Yemen civil war. Earlier Tuesday, White House spokesman Josh Earnest tried to play down the danger of a collision between a US naval strike force led by the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier and an Iranian naval convoy believed to be carrying arms for the Houthis.

Both were due to arrive in the Gulf of Aden opposite the Yemeni shore. He did not repeat an earlier statement by US defense officials that The Roosevelt carrier, the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy and other accompanying warships had been sent to pre-empt any attempt by the Iranian vessels to unload weapons for the Houthis — in violation of a UN Security Council resolution.

Stiles started to get to know them better little by little. Later when the fire was going and the sun had been down for a while Jackson spoke up breaking the silence that had settled over the clearing. They had been walking for a few hours. No one really slept well.

Turn Your Heart Toward Home by Greg Blake | ReverbNation

As soon as the sun came up they were leaving their makeshift camp. Stiles frankly could not wait to get to the vehicle and get closer to home. They walked in relative quiet. Every now and then someone would comment on one thing or another but they seemed to be more anxious than anything. He had been staring at the map the closer they got.

With view in mind: A mountaintop house turns toward the scenery

The closer they got the more Stiles felt like something was going to go wrong. He has learned to listen to his magic and right now his magic was saying something was wrong. He started saying the Latin just as Isaac, Erica, and Boyd huddled closer to him all shifted into Beta form watching their surroundings. Wolfsbane, Stiles thought. The coordinates for the vehicle were through the patch of woods they were in and across the clearing. Derek and Jackson were at the very edge of the woods and not sheltered from the bullets.

He just took off with his shield still in front of him and headed towards Derek and Jackson.

He pushed the shield out in front of him to cover them as he got closer. He watched as Jackson and Derek looked up at him and started to run towards him and the trees for cover. Stiles looked over Derek and saw he had a couple of bullet holes in him. We need to get to the other side of the clearing now.

Stiles pulled out a knife and started to carve runes into his skin. We do not have much time. He took the blade and cut into his hand. He dabbed his finger in the blood welling from his hand and brought it up to Derek. Stiles did the same with the others, though they seem less okay with having his blood on them. Stiles stood up and started chanting a different protection spell than before.

The runes would help him protect the people they were drawn on not just a general area. Bullets showered around them but none actually hit them. It was like they were diverted at the last minute. The minute they were in the trees he looked to Derek who nodded. Stiles let the wards drop so he stopped using so much magic.

Stiles held up the keys for everyone to see before he got up and started walking along the patch of woods. The trees were thin enough that the clearing they came through could be seen but there was enough greenery to hid behind if they stayed down. Stiles came to the end of the patch and sure enough, there was a creepy van waiting for them. Stiles tossed the keys to Boyd and everyone started to get in.

Jackson opened the doors in the back to help Derek in because the Wolfsbane was taking its toll. Before Stiles could hop in the back he was pulled down and felt something slice through the runes on his arm. Stiles screamed. Stiles looked up and saw Derek right above him and guy who sliced his arm dead on the ground. The gash on his arm was bleeding bad and Stiles could feel it soaking through his clothing.

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He was losing consciousness between the protection spell and the blood loss. All the sound in the van but the motor stopped. He could feel them looking at him. Then he heard growling. Stiles looked over and saw Derek sitting beside him completely normal, no glowy eyes or fangs to be seen. Derek looked so normal but worried.

Stiles knew he heard Derek speak, that he was out of the Feral mindset. No way did he imagine that voice. Stiles knew generally where the map directions were taking them. He could hear everytime a car passed them. The place they were going though was one most stay away from. Stiles noticed he was laid in the back of the van on the floor with one of the blankets covering him.

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They must not have talked at all after Stiles passed out. Stiles mind blanked. Stiles knew changing anchors took a lot. The anchor needed to be stable.

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Pick an anchor of a single person a Werewolf ran the risk of losing that person and thus their anchor. Stiles met Derek all of a few days ago, so why the heck would it matter to Derek if he got hurt. Stiles knew Isaac was because as soon as Stiles sat up Isaac was plastered to his side opposite from Derek. Stiles looked and saw Jackson in the passenger seat looking out the window.

Derek held emotion in his face now aside from the rage of being Feral. He let the Human side take over more back in harmony with the wolf. Oh, come one you have to count how else am I going to beat Allison! They got hurt a lot and always ended up patching up the other sometimes Lydia too but they started a sort of jock about who had the most stitches to keep their minds off the fact that they get hurt a lot.

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She moved back after Derek growled at her but their legs still touched. He started to give instructions on how to do the pain drain stuff to Isaac and Erica.

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Stiles was already thinking to the next part of their plan to get home.

The Wide Turn Toward Home The Wide Turn Toward Home
The Wide Turn Toward Home The Wide Turn Toward Home
The Wide Turn Toward Home The Wide Turn Toward Home
The Wide Turn Toward Home The Wide Turn Toward Home
The Wide Turn Toward Home The Wide Turn Toward Home
The Wide Turn Toward Home The Wide Turn Toward Home

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