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Year round.

Community Profile. Recreation Grants Community Grants. Rates and Programming. Property Taxes.

WELCOME TO DOME CITY-The big Thaw by C.R. Nix

Business Directory. Find what you are looking for HERE! Results 1 - 20 of 40 Start Prev 1 2 Next End. Big B Paint Contracting. Phone Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Refrigeration. Black Spruce Builders. Borealis Painting. Someday, when the Demons feel like getting around to it, a Sloth Punishment may be built on this site.

These Sloth Punishments are simple, yet evil. First, the Damned are given persistent, annoying itches in difficult-to-reach parts of their bodies. Then, their hands are bound up in cute little hi-tech manacles that prevent them from scratching.

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Finally, they're dumped onto a field of plush, satiny, almost frictionless pillows. Demons come from miles around to watch the poor suckers twitch. At the bottom of Hell's labor hierarchy are the Sweat Shops which should in no way be confused with "Sweet Shops". In these overcrowded, underventilated little industrial hovels, scores of Slothful SOULs silently yet speedily sew sequins onto demonic loincloths, or perform other humiliating tasks.

If they meet their quotas, they get to sleep for a couple of hours, and dream of a better afterlife. Dreams are encouraged in Hell Demons may be undead incarnations of pure evil, but they're not stupid. They know that the secret to a healthy diet is the regular consumption of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables.

It's just the kind of backbreaking, unrelenting labor these lazy slobs deserve, and it produces a by-product that keeps the Demons happy and regular. Many of the Slothful Damned believe that they deserve to be in Heaven, little realizing that their lazy ways have earned them a place in Hell.


Afterlife Buildings

For these self-deluded fools, Hell hath created these cheesy replicas of Heaven. They're just like the real Heaven In any large-scale bureaucracy, there's always a lot of paperwork, and who better to do it than the Slothful Damned? For the Slothful Damned, who lived their lives as though already dead, this punishment is two-fold. First, the damned are compelled to dig their own graves, with a spoon, through rock-hard tundra. Years later, when they've finally dug a deep enough hole, they're buried alive, and remain fully aware as worms and bugs slowly eat at their innards for all eternity.

Featured Entertainer will smash a large vegetable with a hammer laughter mandatory. The Sisyphus Mountains are classics of eternal damnation. Every day, the Slothful Damned push massive boulders up the side of an immense mountain.

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Every evening, just as they're about to reach the top, their footing gives way, causing their boulders to roll down to the bottom. Unlike the offices of a certain successful computer game company, Hell HAS shelled out the necessary sheckels to get cable television.

In fact, many of the Slothful Damned watch it 24 hours a day. Of course, they have no choice in the matter, and have no control over what they watch, but that's a minor quibble. Demons harbor a genuine fondness for the Industrial Revolution. It's easy to understand why. It was a time when pollution ran unchecked, giant machines regularly mangled innocent workers, entire families were placed into indentured servitude to rich, thoughtless corporations, and the concept of trade unions hadn't even begun to form in people's minds.

Hip, modern Demons prefer to mete out their "Insufferably Unattainable Goals" punishments in the ultra-modern Sisyphus Factories. There is a theory, put forward by a former theme park employee, that there is only so much happiness in the Universe, and that to make someone really, really happy, someone else must be really, really miserable.

This theory certainly holds true at the Pennants Theme Parks. The demonic guests of the park are deliriously amused by the park's rides, games, and shows. On the other hand, the park's workers comprised entirely of the Slothful Damned are so unhappy that they often throw themselves on the tracks of the "Big Chunder" roller coaster, only to discover that they can't be killed OR fired.

All Late Models. All the Time.

If you've done everything right, a host of Angels will soon construct a Diligence Reward on this site. During these eternal downtimes, SOULs can finally finish all that work they wanted to put into their houses: the new coats of paint, the additions to the garden, the basement rumpus room Kids are forever being described as "lazy," just because they don't want to take out the garbage. But have you ever taken a good look at how kids spend their summer afternoons? They build treehouses. They bake mudpies. They concoct elaborate schemes to turn their scooters into flying machines. Clearly, kids aren't lazy; they just don't have the same set of priorities as adults.

In Heaven, Diligent SOULs get the chance to finally finish all those magical, complicated projects they dreamt up during those fleeting summer childhood afternoons; they're only called home for dinner once the forts are built, the pies are baked, and the scooter is soaring over the valley. Cats choose.

Unlike their doggie brethren, who can be programmed like robots, cats make up their own minds whether to chase a ball, purr, or scratch your sofa. A cat's life is an ideal reward for a lifetime of Diligence. SOULs can choose whether to be pampered, milk-fed kitties who live high off the hog, or to run away, living the tough-as-nails afterlife of a stray.

All in all, though, it's cool to be a cat. Many of the Diligent Blessed are given their own little shops to do with as they see fit. Some choose to open nasal acupuncture centers. Others build shops that exclusively sell action figures. Still others have turned their shops into thriving "ferret-on-a-stick" franchises. These libraries look pretty small on the outside, but on the inside they contain every book, film, and recording ever created These heavenly hotels have been perpetually convening these "Diligence Conventions" for as long as anyone can remember.

Inside, the Diligent Blessed can attend any number of seminars on an infinite variety of interesting topics, nosh at the hotel's mile-long salad bar, or simply relax by the pool. It's a permanent, stress-free, corporate boondoggle, and you're invited!

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The many campuses of good ol' P. And they've got a competitive football program, too. Celestech is known as "The Friendliest Corporation in Creation. Who knows what they'll come up with next? When it comes to rewarding Diligent SOULs, the most important thing for an Angel to remember is "keep 'em busy, stupid! What they are, basically, are towers that get built upwards towards Inifinity Some SOULs work on the blueprints, while some weld the beams into place.

Others concern themselves with the interior design, while still others handle the daycare duties. There's a job for everyone who wants one in these straining-to-be-infinite structures, which is just how the Diligent SOULs like it.


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